Howdy! Like a lot of you, I run a website. It’s hosted right here on Media Temple. A whole bunch of years ago, I chose WordPress to run it on, and I’m sure glad I did. These days, it takes advantage of a huge array of WordPress features to handle all the things I need the site to do. Let’s walk through a bunch of those features. By the end of it maybe you’ll agree: CSS-Tricks is a poster child for WordPress. IT’S A BLOG. First and foremost, WordPress is a blog. Many WordPress advocates spend a lot of time convincing the world that WordPress isn’t just a blog, which I agree with, but it still ships with features that are particularly well-suited toward blogging. I use WordPress to blog nearly every day. I even do most of my writing directly in the browser, since it does such a good job of saving work even when I forget to or go offline. THE DEFAULT TAXONOMIES WORK FOR ME. Which are categories and tags. This gives me useful URL’s like all posts that are interviews or all posts that have something to do with SVG. And if I needed my own distinct taxonomies, I could do it. IT HAS (THREADED) COMMENTS. I embrace the comments on CSS-Tricks. I’ve set the tone over the years to encourage thoughtful
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