Don’t Sign Up for WordPress Maintenance I’ve hinted at this a few times, annoyed colleagues and friends with my soapbox, and now it seems it’s time to take the conversation to the internet. Valet will not sign up any client for “WordPress maintenance”—for good reasons. The idea for Valet came from a lack of availability for ongoing strategy and support for WordPress sites. In 2010 and 2011, the number of business owners looking for continuous improvement to their sites rose far above the number of those requesting new full site builds. This makes a lot of sense. As the web matures, site owners are more interested in an approach that strategically considers their current content, structure and branding. Sure, they want to do new things, but they also need regular, ongoing help to keep their sites running—long after the initial site build is completed. Minor improvements and iterations are needed on a more frequent basis, and business owners value having a reliable team to handle these. When we launched WP Valet in 2012, we used the tagline “Management. Support. Peace of mind.” I’ve always liked that one, and honestly, it’s still one of my favorites. Note the lack of the word maintenance
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