January 30-31 marked the first annual Worldwide Contributor’s Day, and this month’s theme was support. The objective was to answer 20 requests on the Support Team tickets. People were encouraged to get together with WordPress users and developers in their surrounding area.

The turnout was outstanding. People from all over the world came together to work on requests. WordPress full stack developer and core contributor Ahmad Awais gathered with 14 other Pakistani WordPressers to answer 164 tickets. In fact, Pakistan answered the most requests after the US.

“I am a core contributor for WordPress and have been contributing to the core since WP 4.2, and more often than not, people ask me about how I do it and how should they get started,” Awais said. “In about 72 hours, I had setup a meetup event, I reached out to the community through a small non-profit initiative that I run, and called WP-Pakistan.”

Awais alone answered nearly 25 requests, and together the team filled five and a half pages. This was the first time contributing for many of the participants.

People from all over the community stepped up to the challenge, and over 750 requests were answered.

Awais definitely plans to participate in next month’s Contributor’s Day, which revolves around WordPress.tv.

“I think we should all participate in events like these,” Awais said. “I plan to reach out to a few fellow founders of WP based agencies to ask their employees to be part of this.”

Did you participate in WorldWide Contributor’s Day? How many questions did you answer? Do you plan to participate next week? Answer in the comments below. 

Emily Schiola

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