We are very proud to announce the launch of a new product: Funio’s WordPress Hosting. We believe it will be a perfect complement to our Web Hosting plan and to our VPS. WordPress Hosting has never been so easy We designed this plan with the same idea behind all the others: offering hosting that is easy, fast, reliable and secured. With Funio’s WordPress hosting, you get a fully-managed WordPress hosting plan that’s extremely easy to use. You won’t need to use a control panel, to set up or configure your hosting plan anymore. Choose your plan, select your domain name and Funio will deploy your WordPress site automatically. You only have one thing left to do: customize and build your WordPress site directly in the WordPress admin (the famous /wp-admin). A fully-managed solution Here at Funio, security is one of our top priorities. Our mission is to provide a secure hosting plan so that you can focus completely on your WordPress. WordPress updates are automatic and are a guarantee of optimal security. Monitoring, backups and other updates – on the server – are also fully managed by Funio. To meet all of your needs, whether you’re a beginner, a blogger or a company with a WordPress website,
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