If you’re just starting a website for your business or cause, you’re likely short on time, and are having to prioritize between all the things you “should do” versus reality. A/B testing is one of the many tools you should be using. When deciding when to use A/B testing, the first thing you might consider is what type of testing you are doing and what kind of traffic you have. A/B Testing Basics A/B testing is a bit of a generic term, and encompasses a lot of different types of technologies and methodologies. It can be difficult to take your knowledge that you “need A/B testing” into actionable tasks. Additionally, the different recommended ways of doing A/B testing require a different amount of traffic. Most A/B testing uses an algorithm that would be very familiar to you if you remember statistics 101. Old Ideas on Traffic for A/B Testing I’m going to skip the long statistics lecture, but the end story is this: for traditional A/B testing, the answer is you need a lot of traffic to get statistically meaningful results. Until you reach a statistically meaningful sample, which could be tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pageviews, the different variants in your tests
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