These two real examples illustrate how easy it is to get going Before I go on, if you’re not familiar with the WordPress REST API, take a second to read my summary from January 2015, take a look at the white paper from Human Made, and have a skim through the documentation. Prepare for a revolution. Over the past twelve months I’ve written (and spoken) about the massive potential the new WordPress REST API brings developers, writers, and readers. As of WordPress 4.4, it’s now part of core, meaning you can use it right now. In recent months, discussion has moved away from “When will it be in core?” and “How will it work?”, towards “What can I do with it?” and “How are developers and organisations using it?”. WordPress’ contributing organisation Automattic are keen to see real world examples of the REST API in use, and there’s even an entire event about it on January 28 — A Day of REST. Here at The Times and The Sunday Times we’ve been experimenting with the REST API throughout 2015, and have recently launched two new reader-facing projects this month that take full advantage of what the API has to offer. David Bowie: 1947–2016 On Monday 10 January, David Bowie sadly passed away. In recognition
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