"Error Establishing a Database Connection" – probably the worst message you can see on your WordPress website, especially when WordPress is well known to work smoothly in almost any circumstances possible. However, this is an issue that can be generated by multiple reasons and we are going to offer you some solutions to solve it quickly without losing your website’s data. What Generates This Error? As the message says, your WordPress website can’t establish a connection with the database you have created for it. However, there are multiple reasons why this could happen: You haven’t entered the correct login credentials or they have been changed Your database is corrupted or it is not working properly The database server is overloaded The database server does not respond to WordPress queries A plugin malfunctions and brings the database down with it The hosting solution is poorly configured and your database ran out of memory These and many others can be responsible, but the most frequent reason why this issue appears is when you change servers and login details. Let’s fix this error! Before starting this process, make sure you have backed up your WordPress database and the "wp-config.php"
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