In the next couple of months we’ll be reincorporating the Ghost Foundation in Singapore and closing down all operations in the UK. This is easily the biggest business change we've made to Ghost since it started, and will hopefully give us a much easier time trading internationally! This was a huge decision which represents the conclusion of a full year of research, planning and hard work. So, we wanted to take a moment to share exactly how and why we’re doing it. Let’s start with a simple question: Where should any business legally incorporate? For a regular business, the answer is typically synonymous with the location of the business’ premises, staff, customers or investors. In most cases, they’re actually all in the same place. But, of course, Ghost has never been a regular business. We’re a distributed company: we have no business premises, and our staff are all over the world We’re an online company: thanks to the power of the internet, our customers are all over the world We’re a non-profit organisation: we have no investors, and don’t need to optimise for their legal needs So: Where should Ghost be incorporated? We don’t really know. In the early days, we just went with what
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