Detailed Review of WP Performance Score Booster – Increase your website page speed with a push of a button The bar has been raised. Writing great content with step by step instructions on specific topics isn’t enough anymore. If you want to get to the first page of Google, and stay there. Today, only the content won’t help you get more traffic to your site, you will also need to provide great user experience to your audience. But how can you do this? Aside from designing your website to ease your visitors navigation, you will also need to make it load fast. There are a lot of free and paid plugins that are created to speed-up your website, but few of them are getting the job done. In this detailed review I am going to test one really simple, but yet powerful WordPress plugin designed to increase web page loading speed and grant better user experience to your visitors. The name of the plugin is WP Performance Score Booster. Let’s begin: What does this plugin actually do? WP Performance Score Booster will significantly increase web page loading speed of your WordPress site improving the overall performance and user experience. Like you probably know, website speed is one of the Google
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