This is the second interview in our WordPress plugin business owners series. We want to inspire WordPress enthusiasts to get into the plugins ecosystem by sharing real stories from plugin leaders. This time I’m excited to chat with Adam Warner, the Co-founder and Lead Hand Shaker at FooPlugins. Adam has a very interesting stroy, starting from office furniture manufacturing, and now leading a WordPress plugin business. Thanks Adam for answering these questions which I’m sure will inspire our plugin developers and business owners. I want to start off by asking you about your background. Did you study computer science or web development? What have you done before WordPress? I hold a degree in Advertising Design. At the time I was studying there was only one computer graphics class offered with this degree and my most outstanding project was creating my own postal stamp by scanning an image of a cat and coloring it with a Macintosh Classic with 4MB of memory. After college, I went straight onto the manufacturing floor creating office furniture. It wasn’t long before I started learning to program CNC cutting and drilling machines. I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit, thanks to my
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