WordPressers, get ready. On March 1, we’re launching Torque’s 2016 Plugin Madness, where the first 64 most popular WordPress plugins from the official plugin directory compete against each other for total plugin domination! Modeled after the NCAA college basketball tournament March Madness, we use a bracket-based voting system to pit plugins against one another each week. Head on over to pluginmadness.com to see which plugins are competing and check in weekly to vote on the current round. We randomly placed the 64 plugins into four groups — The Pressers, The Wordees, The Extenders, and The Installers (watch our selection video below). Starting March 1, you can go to pluginmadness.com to vote on which plugins will make it to the next round: March 1: The Enchanting 64 (Round 1) March 8: The Thrilling 32 (Round 2) March 15: The Supreme 16 (Round 3) March 22: The Exceptional 8 (Round 4) March 29: The Phenomenal 4 (Semi-finals) April 5: Championship April 12: Winner Announced You will have a full week to vote on your favorite plugins in each round. Plugin bragging rights isn’t all that’s at stake. When you vote, tell the world and you could win a sweet Torque Magazine swag pack that will
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