TL;DR: Mandrill wanted to raise their prices 4x. They found a way to do that by merging with MailChimp. Here are some Mandrill alternatives. I know I know … I sound like a click-baity BuzzFeed headline, sorry. But that’s, more or less, the case. The backstory: Mandrill is was probably the perfect solution for sending transactional email. For instance, if you have a website that needs this sort of functionality (e.g an eCommerce store) or an app, you can use Mandrill for one-to-one communication with your customers. Think, reminding people of their passwords, sending info regarding their purchases, etc. But. All of a sudden, Mandrill has decided to merge back with MailChimp (originally, Mandrill was a startup within MailChimp, but operating independently, with their own model, databases, prices, etc.), and while doing so, they’ve basically forced their users to start spending up to 4x as much for the service. Here’s how it plays out: The standard plan with Mandrill used to be $9.95 / month, which allowed you to send up to 25,000 transactional emails. After the merge, Mandrill will only be available as a paid add-on for paid MailChimp accounts. The cheapest MailChimp account is $20 (which
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