WordPress has a deployment problem Most web hosts use virtual servers such as what you see above. They’re slow, resource intensive, barely scalable, and have so many layers it is easy for something to go wrong. If anything goes wrong in just one of those tech layers your website goes down. With the current price of web hosting, you’re looking at a minimum of $83.88 per year for just one WordPress install at Go Daddy (based on the regular price without discounts). Meanwhile, other WordPress hosting companies charge up to $29 per install per month ($348 per year). Think about that for a second, a single WordPress website now costs at least 1–4 Netflix subscriptions per month. Meanwhile, all that money goes to hosting companies, and the developers whose themes and plugins actually power those websites only receive 1-off purchases, if they are getting paid at all. We need to build a better system. We Must Democratize Web Hosting The current economic model of WordPress has peaked. If WordPress wants to double market share and continue to democratize publishing, and eCommerce we must democratize web hosting first. It is the only way that developers can easily deploy more websites and build
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