Last month, I launched the Theme Designer WordPress plugin. It was the first stage of developer tools that I’ve been planning to release for fellow WordPress developers for a while. Theme Designer allows WordPress theme authors to showcase their theme portfolios. Today’s plugin is it’s companion. I’d like to introduce you to . What does the Plugin Developer plugin do? In a nutshell, it’s a “portfolio” plugin tailored specifically to other WordPress plugin authors. It allows them to manage the plugins that they’re selling/distributing with some cool features baked in. A little lost? Imagine being able to create something like the official plugin repo or something like CodeCanyon on your own site. Those are large-scale sites though. You might want something a bit more like the plugins page at WooThemes. Or, better yet, here’s a live example of the plugin in use here on my site. Yes, this plugin’s page is actually powered by the very plugin it’s promoting (eat your own dog food and all of that). The plugin has built-in integration with the Plugins API, so if your plugins are hosted there, you can pull data such as download counts, install counts, ratings, and more back to
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