We’re one of a few Third-Party WooCommerce Extensions referred to from the WooCommerce website. Keeping up with their rapid growth and development cycle has been challenging, but we’re excited that Quick Checkout version 1.9 is now available. Here’s the inside scoop. There’s this moment in Matt Mullenweg’s 2015 State of the Word when we said that he believes plugin shops should never be a “one-man” show. We can relate. While it’s amazing what one really talented developer can do on his or her own, nothing beats the compound efforts of adding additional key players to your team. This becomes even more necessary when one of your main products is an extension of a highly popular and rapidly developing e-commerce platform. If you haven’t noticed yet, WooCommerce is powering roughly 30% of all e-commerce stores worldwide. WooCommerce was already well into this dominance when it’s company, WooThemes, was acquired by Automattic to the tune of $30 million in May of 2015. Being owned by Automattic seems to have only encouraged even more growth for the platform. A Short History of Quick Checkout Before all of this rapid growth, our Founder and Lead Developer Devin Walker built a WooCommerce extension
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