Today marks the third month of life for our best WordPress plugin so far– the Forge page builder. And so far, it has been a pretty amazing ride. We have been more active than ever, balancing both product development and marketing the plugin to our defined audience, and we have learned a lot from it. Today, I’d like to share my personal impressions about this project so far, and in the process learn something from it. Launching a freemium product To recap, Forge is a layout-focused freemium front-end page builder. That’s a pretty lengthy definition, but it captures its essence pretty well. It is built for creating advanced layouts in the most intuitive and easy way we could think of, and at the same time being advanced enough to do all sorts of things with it. From intranets, to pages with moving elements and global sections. At least, that’s the objective. The idea to create Forge dates back to a couple years ago, and I think it’s a textbook example of scratching an itch. Back then, we were doing WordPress-based client projects, and we had to use page builders a lot. We were not satisfied with the available options: most builders were not flexible enough, behaved pretty slowly, or were
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