Today we’re excited to introduce you to Hummingbird, our brand new performance and optimization plugin… The hero you didn’t know your website needed. Lightweight and high-powered, Hummingbird caches, minifies, combines, defers script loading, compresses, and makes your site a lean, mean speed machine. It packs a punch, making optimizations in line with Google PageSpeed Insights and finding new ways to make it load faster, because when it comes to page speed – and especially Google – every millisecond counts. Hummingbird: WordPress on Speed We built Hummingbird to give you simple and intuitive tools to get your page speed well and truly cranking. How many times have you run your site through Google PageSpeed Insights and stared at the results, wondering how exactly to follow up the vague suggestions? Things like “leverage browser caching” or “minify CSS” and even “optimize images.” I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve googled “eliminate render-blocking JavaScript.” Yes, I can see render-blocking JavaScript is a problem on your site, but how do I actually fix it? We designed Hummingbird in a way that not only directly fixes many of the these issues slowing down your site, but also
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