I recently tried out a handy WordPress plugin called Activity Log. I liked it so much that I reached out to the author to suggest some more features. He kindly said “no”, and he was totally right. Here’s why. There’s a tendency in all of us to latch onto a specific plugin, love it, and then immediately start thinking of all the magical things that it could also do for us. We’ve seen this author’s work and we love it so much that we want to see more of it so it can improve our lives even more! But just because an author can add the feature doesn’t mean they should. And like the folks behind Activity Log, it’s most often better for the plugin to NOT add that fancy new feature than to add it. The Single Purpose Philosophy The main reason why an experienced and wise plugin author will reject a new feature is because of what I call the Single Purpose Philosophy. A good plugin of any size or complexity should always abide by this one philosophy: A plugin should have one central purpose, no matter how great or small and never deviate from that purpose no matter how vociferously users may request it to be “enhanced” beyond its core purpose You won’t find that emblazoned anywhere — except on
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