As website owners, we usually run our sites to with a certain goal in mind, whether that’s lead generation, collecting email addresses or making sales. The magic word here is conversion. It describes getting visitors to do exactly the thing we would like them to do. Many people spend a lot of time A/B testing different site elements to optimize their conversion rate, be it site copy, calls to action, images, colors, positioning, button sizes, you name it. However, an element that often gets neglected are forms, despite the fact that form conversion rates are one of the most important success factors for any site. Think about it. Forms are usually at the very end of our conversion funnel. Collecting email addresses? Use a sign-up form. Inviting people to ask for a quote? Offer a contact form. Running an e-commerce site? Can’t do without a checkout form. However, do you know how well your forms are performing? Or why? Most people don’t. Me included. Yet, from what we have seen earlier, we really should. Usually all we know is our overall conversion rate, meaning how many of our visitors not only use the form but also click the submit button. What we don’t know is how many people even
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