There is no greater factor in website success than the planning phase. You might be tempted to start planning with consideration to time, budget, and functionality, but doing so is putting the cart in front of the horse. Before you can figure out what you need to spend, how long it will take and what features the website needs you first need to decide what success looks like. Surprisingly enough, this critical aspect of planning is the most neglected. Your plan can only be successful through an understanding of all involved players; specifically, the needs of your stakeholders and target audience. The needs of these two groups should dictate what features are needed, which will inherently inform subsequent budget, timing, and other key considerations. We’ve established understanding stakeholders and target audiences comes first. What is the best way to get started? I recommend looking at stakeholder needs first–let’s dive right in. Stakeholders and Objectives There are certain outcomes you expect from your website whether you’ve clearly identified them or not. Some common examples include acquiring new leads, increasing sales, building awareness, or reducing support overhead. Your website
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