In the last week of January three of our team, Ashley, Gilbert and myself travelled to London for A Day of REST, the first ever conference focussed on the WordPress REST API organized by Human Made. We had all previously met in Miami last year so it was good to meet up again, a little closer to home, in the UK. Neither one of us have had direct contact with the REST API project (although Jeff has been writing a series of posts using it), so we thought it would be great to learn more about it. What Why is the REST API? After the opening remarks one of the lead developers of the project, Ryan McCue took to the stage to give some detailed background on the project, from its inception, to the other APIs inside WordPress, examples of APIs in the wild, and some of the technical challenges of the project. It was good to hear the plans for unifying the (and JetPack) REST API with the project so there is a consistent approach across the WordPress platform. Building Blocks Joe Hoyle was next up, running through how a sample application could look before and after adding the REST API as a module. Along with some brilliant metaphors
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