Since its inception, the Recurring Payments extension in Easy Digital Downloads has been a success, and today the company announced a big update.

“Recurring revenue is predictable and allows businesses to properly forecast their future revenue, making risk and growth management significantly easier to manage,” Founder Pippin Williamson said in the announcement.

The update, Recurring Payments 2.4,  addresses many things — one of the most requested, however, was the ability to manage multiple subscriptions. If this is something you’ve been after, your prayers have been answered. Instead of being confined to one subscription per person, you can now register as many as you want.

Along with that, you can now manage those subscriptions with ease. A new interface has been added that allows you to look at all your subscriptions and make changes quickly. You can even generate a dedicated report to look at renewal statistics. All of the information is in one place so you only need to give it a quick glance.

The update includes changes for the customer as well. Subscribers now have their own dashboard that displays invoices and allows them to cancel subscriptions and update payment methods. They will also get an email whenever anything is updated, so they are kept in the loop. Now people can use many different payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize, and more.

Recurring Payments 2.4 features a direct integration with the Software Licensing extension, which, according to the announcement, “[lets] site administrators set up license keys that renew automatically through subscriptions, and even offer upgrade paths between subscription levels and products.” The update also includes a dedicated subscriptions endpoint with the REST API, which makes it easier for third party services to integrate.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Recurring Payments update, and Twitter began to get excited after Williamson sent out a cryptic tweet yesterday.

Once the news broke, people started commenting on Twitter. 

In the announcement, Williamson thanked GiveWP and WP Ninjas for collaborating on the project. 

You can download it now. Or, if you already own the extension, you can download the update from your account page. 

Are you excited for the update? What features would you like to see? Answer in the comments below. 

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