We just got back from WordCamp Miami. It’s an excellent camp and I learned a lot. Here’s seven things I learned about Products this year. Year after year WordCamp Miami attracts top speakers, sponsors, and attendees. This year there were a number of sessions dedicated to developing, selling, and supporting WordPress products. Since that’s what we do here at WordImpress, I listened intently and learned a few important lessons. 1. Choose the Right Business Model Starting off on the right track is important — especially in business. There are many ways to sell products: SAAS, Freemium, Add-ons and Pro models to name a few. James Laws, the co-founder of Ninja Forms, had a great talk on “Getting to your First $1Million in Sales“. He explained that you see successful WordPress products in each of these model. Give, for example is shaping up to be a very successful freemium product that uses the Addon model similarly to Ninja Forms. Choosing the model that is right for your product depends on the type of product you’re building and where you plan on selling it. For instance, if you’re building a robust platform — such as an ecommerce plugin or form builder — an Add-on model would work well
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