As a WordPress entrepreneur I think Brian... || It’s Friday on the Elegant Themes blog and that means a new episode of the Divi Nation Podcast! This week I had the privilege of chatting with Brian Gardner; founder of StudioPress, creator of the Genesis Framework, and current partner at Rainmaker Platform. As a WordPress entrepreneur I think Brian has probably been through most of the growing pains it is possible for a WordPress business to go through. And he’s come out the other side strong and better than ever. It was this wealth of experience I was excited to share with the rest of the Divi Nation and he did not disappoint. There’s lots of great insight and experience here for our community to learn from. Divi Nation 17: Brian Gardner on Breaking Through the Wall and Living With No Sidebar In this episode of Divi Nation I sit down with Brian Gardner to hear his WordPress story and learn from both his mistakes and successes as a WordPress entrepreneur. He shares how he went from a project manager for an architectural firm to blogging with WordPress, to effectively starting the premium WordPress market, to growing StudioPress, creating Genesis, merging with Copyblogger, and a lot
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