I had the privilege to attend and be the media partner at A Day of REST, the world’s first conference devoted to the WordPress REST API. Here’s my initial review, and some pictures, from the event. January 28th and 29th of 2016 marked the first ever A Day of REST, a conference devoted to the WordPress REST API. It’s also, to my knowledge, the first ever conference completely about a single feature of WordPress. Put on by the Human Made team, there were definitely risks: maybe not enough people would sign up, maybe the content would be too dense, or not dense enough for the audience that showed, maybe the API wouldn’t be in core yet, and more. Yet, none of these things happened, and the conference was a success. I had the privilege to cover the event as the media partner, and I had an excellent time. It wasn’t a small conference, with over 220 attendees, but it was intimate, utilizing a single track setup, and had a small hack day reserved for 40 people. It was also a bit of a risk to host the first A Day of REST in London, where it was quite accessible to the European community, but out of reach for much of the American market. Nonetheless, those of us that came from the US, Asia, and
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