Everybody has to start somewhere. And in business, this adage applies doubly so because the paths entrepreneurs and business owners take can be varied and unpredictable. Some have that entrepreneurial spirit at a young age and make millions by the time they’re 30. Others are just getting started at 40. All paths are equally valid and all provide valuable lessons for those looking to launch their own businesses. That’s why we wanted to spend some time talking with successful WordPress business owners to see what they were doing when they were 25 years-old and how they used WordPress to get to where they are today. The stories that follow are very different. These designers and developers come from all walks of life and have found success at different ages. No matter the details, I think you’ll find their stories inspiring. When WPMU DEV CEO James Farmer was 25 years-old, he was working as a teacher and “struggling to make a living while supporting a 1-year-old daughter and my life was going to #$%!.” “I was making AU$600 a week and living in a one-bedroom apartment, literally right next door to some heroin addicts,” James says. “And the reason I knew they were addicts was because they
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