Below is a guest post from one of our sponsors, AND speaker Cory Miller. Enjoy. What If Next Week at PressNomics 4 … At the first two PressNomics, I recently confessed to Josh and Sally, I had left each time somewhat down in spirit and extremely anxious. My problem was simple: I got wrapped up in things I shouldn’t have, particularly jealousy and envy seeing so many younger, more talented, more energetic people entering the WP scene. But last year, I was determined to make my experience better. And I’m happy to say I had an amazing time and came home refreshed, energized and looking forward to next year (which is this year). If you haven’t noticed, PressNomics 4 is NEXT week … and I’m excited, again. And I wanted to share a couple of thoughts about how we can make it so much better for each other. Here are four things that made the difference for me: I packed, prepared and came with a positive attitude — I said to myself, “I am going to have a good time this year, dangit, in fact, I’m going to have an epic time, and I’m going to leave excited!” I sought to spend time with quality people — deepening existing friendships as well as making new ones. By far the most memorable experience
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