I listened to the recent podcast about WordPress in the Enterprise.I really enjoy your program and look forward to interesting subjects but the emphasis on enterprise and WordPress is confusing to me. In the context of the podcast: enterprise = company (clear). Enterprise = Big Company (clear). Enterprise Software = Big Company Software (clear). Enterprise = Good (unclear) If these declarations are true then my first question/confusion has to be why is chasing the Enterprise a good thing for WordPress? Does anyone think that more than 2% of the people that you might see at a typical WordCamp actually believes that an Enterprise (big company context) is where they want to be? I mean really – the majority of the people I saw at WordCamp US probably have never been employed by a company with over 50 people (except the vendors). Further, a large number of those have probably cut their technical teeth on WordPress and have never had to go through the meat-grinder of a corporate HR department or a polished, technical interview to get an Enterprise job. An even larger percentage probably do not even report to a company office but instead work from home or a “home office”. Clearly this may
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