A WordPress Multisite network makes site administration much easier. It lets you run multiple websites on a single WordPress installation. This means you can manage all of your themes, plugins, user accounts and content from one place. When you add themes and plugins to a multisite installation, they are made available to all sites on the network. Individual sites can then enable and disable plugins as necessary. This is handy for plugins that handle optional functionality, like contact forms and social sharing. You can also activate plugins across the entire network so that individual sites can’t disable them. This is useful for plugins that add key functionality, like analytics and SEO. But what if you want to restrict access to plugins on a per-site basis? (And why would you want to do that, anyway?) Restricting plugins by domain Consider this scenario: You’re building a WordPress Multisite installation for a network of nonprofit organizations. Each organization gets its own website on the network. Now let’s say one of these organizations is testing out a new website feature, online fundraising, which the WordPress plugin Give will handle. Because we’re testing this feature out,
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