With the readiness of the WP REST API still in question, developer Daniel Bachhuber yesterday announced the release of REST API Version 2.0 Beta 12, called Canyonero. You can download it from the plugin repository or GitHub.

The most notable changes include removing meta endpoints from the primary plugin. “If your project depends on post meta endpoints, please install WP REST API Meta Endpoints,” Bachhuber wrote in the post.

Other changes include returning original resource when deleting PTCU, moving to consistent use of context throughout controllers, and more. You can read the full list of changes here.

The update comes on the heels of a contentious Slack discussion regarding the API, during which Matt Mullenweg raised concerns about the readiness of the project.

Following the two-hour meeting, Mullenweg wrote a blog post titled “Chicken and Egg” where he discussed how important it is for a project to be able to “pivot” if necessary.

“’Pivot’ has become passé, but it’s much worse to assume that distribution will solve something core to your product that isn’t working,” Mullenweg said.

REST API contributor Ryan McCue also wrote a blog post where he talked about practical steps for moving forward.

“Right now, the REST API team, and the WordPress community, needs a clear path forward to get from the feature-plugin as it exists today to a sustainable long-term project,” McCue said. “Progressive enhancement is a paradigm the REST API project must adopt, if it’s an API we want to add to (without breaking backwards compatibility) over the next 10 years.”

It is unclear exactly what the future holds for the REST API, but contributors are moving forward.

Emily Schiola

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