It’s been half a year since I joined the 10up team and I’ve been learning so much about the CMS I love so far. Working with a company where I can continue my WordPress adventures full time has been a rewarding experience. I’ve met new people, dived into open source, and made new discoveries in WordPress. Since it’s long past due for a new post here on RachieVee, I’d love to share 10 WordPress things I’ve learned working with 10up – a mixture of newly discovered tools, techniques and functions! Spoiler alert, I’ve written more than ten and there are front-end related things too. Confession, I just wanted to use the whole 10 things with 10up title. In no particular order, here is a list of things I’ve picked up either by directly working on projects or being exposed to new opportunities during the past six months. Enjoy! 10 WordPress Things I’ve learned with 10up: 1. WordPress has a Javascript templating language! WordPress has Underscore.js style template functions that feel like Mustache. This is created from wp.template and can be used to build WordPress templates with Javascript as an alternative or companion to PHP. If the info on the Codex isn’t enough, Luke Woodward has written
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