Content has been pinpointed in the last two years as the number one channel to focus on. This has increased the number of site owners and companies relying on multi-authored websites. Before this era, managing content teams was done mainly by news websites. Today, many small to large companies need to manage multiple bloggers for their content marketing. Managing several writers, either freelance or employed, is a complex process, especially for a business whose main product is not content related. We’ve created this guide to help you deal with the most common problems facing multi-author site owners: Manage Writers’ content quality. Manage the writers. Manage content marketing. We tried to make it as actionable as possible, so you can read and implement it right away for your own writing team. Manage content quality. It’s important to maintain consistent and professional content quality for every blog post published on your site. Even one badly written blog post can damage the entire website’s credibility in the eyes of its readers. This problem poses a conundrum. Other than filtering the quality of the writers in the recruitment stage, how are you to influence the quality of your
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