I like to read a lot about entrepreneurship, WordPress, and all things related. Blog posts, interviews, reports, whatever I can get my hands on. However, it’s quite common for people to rather share lots of general thoughts instead of the real struggles that keep them awake at night. I see many of my entrepreneur friends dealing with those. What am I talking about? These 5: 1. The sole desire to struggle When ThemeIsle started to grow, and we reached a certain revenue goal, I had a few weeks period when I felt quite empty. “I’ve reached my goals,” so I thought, and I didn’t really know what to do next, or why. I realized that I don’t want things to be easy, I like challenges, I like hustle, I like the “game.” Partly, this is why I enjoyed the SEO space so much. I knew that things can change overnight, and you can wake up to a whole different reality every day. The WordPress theme market? It’s a bit like that too. In a way, challenges and overcoming them is what keeps most of the entrepreneurs I know awake at night. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’ve realized that sometimes this mindset affects the people around me. I am trying to keep myself in check and remember that
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