Here is the line that error message is referencing: That part of the code fixes the pagination in case you have a different number of posts on front page and inner pages. If you had 10 posts, homepage set to 2 posts per page and inner pages set to 8, then on homepage you’d see there’s 4 more pages of posts, and clicking to the next page you’d see there’s no more pages of posts. This corrects the issue. There’s only two ways I can see you getting a “Division by zero” issue. 1) In Genesis > Grid Loop you have the features and teasers for the inner pages set to 0. Don’t do this, make sure there’s at least one post per inner page 2) You’ve made some customization to the grid args using the 'genesis_grid_loop_args' filter and it’s caused issues. Can you take a look at your implementation and see if either of these are the case? If the second one, share the modifications you’ve made so I can look for errors. I don’t plan to add options to eliminate the content and post info. Genesis already provides you these options in Genesis > Theme Settings, so I think it would be confusing to duplicate these. Also, any modifications
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