Some context for the discussion A couple months ago I started work on a website that will soon launch. The reality is that much of the time on the project has been spent on discussion – determining the right solutions to the right problems and a design that will deliver the right results. Mind you, when I say design I’m not talking about the graphical elements as much as I’m talking about information design, and (of course) the design of the user experience. To get that right, we’ve had to talk segmentation and we’ve had to spend time looking over Google Analytics. A majority of this project hasn’t been the work to actually put the site together. But that’s been important nonetheless. Because all the talk in the world won’t make a new site appear out of thin air. Early in the discussion, I asked a question about how others would use the site. I’m not talking about the people that visit the site. I’m talking about the staff that would support it. And while it’s not a huge site, several different people will engage in different parts of the site to keep it fresh and engaging. In this way, this project isn’t different from all the projects you work on. Multiple people updating the site
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