TL;DR a new WordPress plugin directory is in the works, and the plugin could serve as a good model for a new developer interface. There’s been a lot of great talk lately around efforts to fully revamp the WordPress plugin directory. As a plugin developer myself, I like what I hear, and get excited thinking about how we can improve upon the current setup. For developers, the existing system has served us well in a lot of ways, allowing us to easily publish and maintain plugins, track usage (albeit not so accurately1), and provide basic support to end-users. That said, there are also a multitude of pain points with the existing plugin directory: dependency on SVN instead of Git, inconsistent search results, inclusion of obsolete information, obfuscation of more important statistics, etc. Bottom line: lots of room for improvement, and it sounds like improvement is underway. In that same spirit, I’d like to add my two cents, using the WP Dev Dashboard plugin I authored a while back as a model for some features I’d love to see enter the scene. But first, a little back story. . . When I published my very first plugin nearly 3 years ago, I was just stoked to make a contribution to the open
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