If I had a nickel for every time I hear a story from a photographer where their website host has no help... well, I'd have a heck of a lot of nickels. Time and time again I see photographers getting let down and turned away by hosting companies. Not specifically WordPress hosting, but rather a general site hosting. Recently a popular photography website platform let down yet another photographer, and I wanted to share a summary of the story. Jane Doe has her website with Super Duper Website Company, which specializes in photography websites. The websites are a custom built platform, but they do not come with a blog. So instead of reinventing that wheel, the company offers a free WordPress blog and connects the two sites, so it looks like one. Side note: Why not just use WordPress for both? Great question! Because of the size of WordPress, meaning how popular it is, the software regularly becomes a target for attack. So security awareness is, even more, important than it would be otherwise. That is why at Imagely we have server-side security checks for our hosting, as well as recommending security plugins like Wordfence or Jetpack Protect. However, at Super Duper Website Company they
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