Help your plugin stand out from the crowd! The following is a quick tutorial on adding a custom icon for your WordPress plugin. While working on my recent plugin, Advanced Comments Widget, I decided I wanted to add a cool icon that would show up in search results in the plugin repository. After some research, I couldn’t find information on how to do it though. The Developer FAQ page has info for adding a banner for your plugin page, but nothing about adding an icon. (At least, nothing I could find.) After some digging, I figured out the dead-simple way to accomplish this. Basically, you follow the same guidelines for adding a banner to your plugin page. From the Developer FAQ: Start by creating an assets/ directory in the root of your SVN checkout (if one doesn’t already exist). This will be on the same level as tags/ and trunk/, for example. Inside that assets/ directory, you can make a file named banner-772×250.png or banner-772×250.jpg. The image must be exactly 772 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall. No GIFs. Instead of creating a file named banner-772x250.png or banner-772x250.jpg, create a file named icon-128x128.png or icon-128x128.jpg. The dimensions for your plugin icon must be
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