The wait is over. Apple released the News Format today. Now the Apple News API is available. Here in this article we will share you a quick guide how to get that for your publication if it’s based on WordPress. Apple News came up with iOS 9 quite long time ago. but Apple did not released their News Format just yet. They had it under closed beta for awhile. Instead of their format, they had given option to publisher to submit RSS Feed and there system will use that RSS Feed and push to the News App. They were testing this Apple News Format only with very few selected publisher like New York Times, Mashable etc. Today, Apple officially released the News Format. Its available for all publisher (does not mean any website though). If you are already on Apple News via RSS Feed, then you should see an email like this. We were in Apple News from the beginning, we also updated with new News Format. Here we will share a guide, step by step process how we get it working for us. If you are not a technical person and just want to read our news in Apple news click the link from your iPhone or iPad. The Tech Journal on Apple News: The Tech Journal is proudly
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