WordPress was recently ranked as the second most dreaded technology by over 50,000 developers in the 2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. This leads one to wonder— how can WordPress be more developer-friendly? What are the major pain points that developers are experiencing? While there definitely won’t be a single answer for these questions, there are some things that we can do to make WordPress easier to work with. Today we’ll be looking at ways to speed up WordPress development using tools like the WP-CLI, custom shell scripts, and Alfred. This short tutorial was written for OS X, but can be easily adapted for Linux and Windows. It also assumes that you have a basic webserver setup (MAMP or XAMPP will do), and that you have WP-CLI installed. Alfred, a productivity app for OS X, is also featured in this article, but isn’t necessary to implement most of the items covered. Let’s get started! Setting up a dedicated folder for your development scripts is not only cleaner than adding them to an existing directory such as /usr/local/bin/, but it also facilitates sharing or syncing your scripts with multiple development environments. To do this, create your custom script folder: mkdir ~/Scripts
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