I’m not a business expert. That’s not to say I haven’t found a lot of success in my business, but I know I’m not an expert. Why? Because I enjoy hanging out with actual experts, people with 15, 20, 30 years of experience, people who deal with business on a much higher level than I do as an independent, people who create, build, and even sell companies or make multiple millions of dollars on products and services. I enthusiastically attend events like Pressnomics (from which I just returned) and Prestige Conference, in order to surround myself with their entrepreneurial energy and learn from their stories. Genuine Generosity I’ve been to my share of networking and business events, and I’ve met the people who only seem to be there to get ahead, grease palms, and present their pitch or business card to as many people as they can get to listen. It’s this prototypical image of a salesman that makes people, especially sole proprietors or independents like myself, shy away from selling, claiming to hate self-promotion. The most successful people I know are business owners and product developers, speakers and innovators, creating and shaping the software I use every day. But these people are
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