Ah Woocommerce Bookings from Woothemes, how long did we wait for a really good bookings extension for Woocommerce, and when it finally came it didn’t disappoint - robust, stable, versatile and of course tying in with all the other great Woothemes extensions. But alas, there is no way that any WordPress plugin developer could ever encapsulate every use-case from the thousands (is it millions now?) of e-commerce stores powered by Woocommerce, and so when the plugin came out so did hundreds of requests for slight tweaks or customisations to its core functionality. Thankfully as with every Woothemes plugin there are plenty of hooks to play with and everything else is incorporated in the 100% WP way making it very easy to extend without having to ever touch a core file. I will cover o The date/time picker you get straight out of the box with the Woocommerce Bookings plugin is great, but for some stores having a list of available dates in a dropown is a more user-friendly interface. Here is how you can do it: As I will be sharing this code in a Gist link at the end of the article I better be honest. While the first main objective in this plugin is to change out the datepicker field for a
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