Your culture is a reflection of your values. If you want a culture of design, you must value it internally first. We’re a digital agency. Most people know that to mean a company that both designs and builds websites, applications, and other digital tools, and that’s accurate. While we have always been a full stack team (design & dev), the development side of the agency had a larger footprint, a louder voice. You’d hear about so-and-so who was a “genius developer”, but rarely would a member of the design team be referred to in similar terms regardless of how talented they may be. Our culture celebrated development talent more openly than design. This misalignment in perception came to a head when I overheard one of my partners, a talented designer in his own right, mention in passing that the ‘design didn’t really matter.’ The context in which he was speaking lessened the blow, but it hammered home how much work I had in front of me if I wanted our company to have a healthy and vibrant design culture from top to bottom. I believe that our team has always had exceptional design skills, and our work demonstrated that, but I hadn’t built a culture around design within the company. If you
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