In addition to the ~35 defects that were fixed in this release, there were also ~17 features and enhancements that were made. What follows are some highlights, starting with some smaller enhancements and then listing out full posts that document the larger features. Setting-less Controls (#35926) Sometimes controls need to be added which don’t directly have associated settings. For example, there can be controls needed which manipulate some aspect of the Customizer interface or manage the behavior of other controls and their settings: consider a control for managing repeating controls, where the button only serves to create other controls and their settings. When nav menus were added in the Customizer in 4.3, the UI for creating a new menu involved two controls which had custom settings associated them (create_new_menu and new_menu_name) which served no purpose other than to make sure the control wouldn’t raise an error. The settings had custom types to prevent them from getting saved to the DB. In 4.5, controls are no longer required to have associated settings. By default registering a control without an explicit settings argument will result in the control’s own id being supplied
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