Detailed Review of CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder – Add Super Powers to Your WordPress Forms You’ve spent thousands of hours (and $) to build your online business. You even sign up for courses that will supposedly help you earn more from your venture. But still, there is no one commenting or filling out the forms you’ve added to your site. Probably you are banging your head against the wall and pouring, even more, money and time into this business. Well, of course, you’ve already spent too much to stop now, right? Before you subscribe to another newsletter or spend one more dollar on something you will probably never going to use, take a closer look at your website. Is it easy for people to contact you? Are you asking for the right information? When it comes down to adding a contact form to your site, from the countless WordPress plugins available, only a few of them deserve your attention. The one I am going to review today is created by the developers sitting behind 123ContactForm. Allow me to introduce: CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder: CaptainForm is probably the best WordPress plugin for building contact forms on your site. Why? Let me tell you. Using it, you can quickly
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