Over at my code snippets site, I keep track of the most popular posts and display a list in the sidebar. It's an easy way to highlight the site's best content and share top snippets with visitors. There are numerous plugins available for displaying your site's popular posts, but they tend to be overkill and/or employ weird algorithms that are just unnecessary and not always accurate. For example, a lot of plugins and techniques calculate popular posts based on number of comments. These days I'm just not sure if that's a relevant measure of popularity. Some sites have comments disabled, and other sites receive very few comments in general, so going the comment-count route just doesn't work. What I wanted was a simple way of counting hits and displaying a simple list of the most popular posts. This DigWP tutorial explains how to do it with two easy steps. Example Here is an example/screenshot of what we're going to build in this tutorial: This screenshot is taken from my snippets site, WP-Mix.com. You can see an example of the site's "Popular Posts" list in the sidebar of this post. Of course, the list will look different when displayed on your own site, depending on the styles that are
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