The WordPress REST API may still be under development, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming quite the topic of discussion. Recently I attended my local WordCamp and, sure enough, there was a session dedicated to it. For those who aren’t familiar with the REST API, it essentially allows data from your WordPress website to be made available to other applications. So, for example, you could build a mobile app that grabs pages, posts, etc. directly from WordPress. And as I learned at that WordCamp session, you could even create a single page JavaScript app (thus, bypassing the traditional WordPress theme) using the REST API. This can certainly increase portability of data and open up a lot of creative space for developers. If you haven’t already done so, check out Calypso, Automattic’s desktop app that uses’s version of the REST API. That will give you a taste of some of the possibilities for creating a fast, beautiful interface. Developers must evolve As someone who has become pretty decent at creating and modifying WordPress themes, I have to say that some part of this scares me to death. And while Matt Mullenweg told us to “learn JavaScript deeply” at WordCamp US in
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