A mobile content revolution is afoot. Content distribution giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple are delivering content to mobile users in new and innovative ways, leaving content publishers scrambling to keep up. It wasn’t very long ago that having a fully-responsive site was enough, but that is no longer true. In the past month, AMP articles have been added to Google Search results and Apple News has opened its doors to all publishers. And in April, the Facebook Instant Articles program will begin accepting applications from interested publishers. Content publishing is a tough game. Publishers have to be at the leading edge of change as the web evolves to avoid losing viewership to more nimble competitors while simultaneously publishing the best content possible. As a publisher, if you take your eye off of either prize there’ll be bounce-rate-hell to pay. WordPress is the most popular content publishing platform on the web, and the WordPress community has proven itself wonderfully adept at accommodating the constant evolutionary demands that are thrown at it. But before you start integrating the latest mobile optimization plugins into your WordPress website, you need to know which
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