Over the past few months, we’ve been working towards one of the most wide-reaching API’s to be suggested for core inclusion, apart from the REST API. It has the potential to touch nearly every area of WordPress that deals with forms and fields. The Fields API is nearly there, and we’re seeking more feedback on a number of areas we need to tie down before we go into the official proposal stage for core inclusion. What is the Fields API? We just published a specification for the Fields API last week and we’re seeking constructive feedback on that now. Please take a moment to read about it, ask questions, and voice your concerns with us so we can address those things before we go to the next official stage. There’s also some helpful docs which include Terminology, Registration of fields, and example code. What can you do with the Fields API right now? We’ve put together a number of implementations to show the potential of what the Fields API can accomplish inside of core. Each implementation is an example of what could end up in WordPress core, should the Fields API itself be merged. Edit User screen (@sc0ttkclark, @technosailor) Our internal implementation of the Edit User screen replaces
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