If you really want to improve, find experts to learn from. Many... || Learning WordPress development on your own can be a long and lonely road filled with tutorials and the Codex. It can be difficult to not only find the specific information you need, but also identify the best of the resources available. If you really want to improve, find experts to learn from. Many top-notch WordPress developers are very active in the community. They take the spirit of the open source community very seriously and spend a lot of time giving back, by sharing their knowledge and helping others to develop their skills. In this article we will share a 30-strong list of WordPress Developers that you should check out if you are serious about wanting to improve your development skills. Let’s get started! The WordPress Core Team The following developers are all actively involved in leading and contributing to WordPress core development, without which our entire community wouldn’t even exist. If you are curious about the direction of WordPress, these are the guys to follow. (This is, of course, not a comprehensive list of the core team.) Andrew Nacin Andrew Nacin is one of the highest profile people in the
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